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About Us

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The office

Mello Chaves Advogados Associados has a strong presence in the tax and business areas, among other branches, providing legal advice of excellence and quality to various economic groups in the most varied sectors of the economy.

Following the experiences of the founding partner Dr. Leandro B. de Mello Chaves and inspired by the European ideals of modern law, our office adopted a differentiated system of work, implementing a structure endowed with personalized attention, providing clients with practical and effective results, with lower costs and greater agility. Our professionals have a solid academic and professional background, offering our clients high standards of efficiency, quality and results. We also have a wide network of correspondents in Brazil and abroad, providing our clients with greater performance in their respective regions. Our fundamental objective is the maximization in quality and results, with the minimization of costs and time of execution of the service.

Infrastructure of quality, comfort and security.

01 Vision

We believe in a free and pluralistic society, where the exercise of the right can be achieved by all. We aim to be the guiding principle for the realization of the right of our clients and to be recognized as one of the main law firms in the country.

02 Mission

Provide legal advice of quality and efficiency maximizing results and minimizing costs and time of execution of services. Seek the satisfaction of our customers and staff. Invest in the training and development of our professionals in their respective areas of activity.

03 Values

Ethics, Trust, Quality and Professionalism.

Dr. Leandro Barbosa de Mello Chaves

Lawyer with extensive experience in the tax and business area, defending the rescue of people, multinationals and multinationals, in the most varied segments. Post graduate in: (i) Tax Law by Fundação Getúlio Vargas; (ii) Constitutional Procedural Law by UERJ; (iii) Business Law by Univ. Candido Mendes – UCAM; (iv) Civil Procedural Law – UCAM, (v) Consumer Law with Resp. Civil – UCAM; (vi) Labor Law and Process – UCAM; (vii) Real Estate Law by the Veiga de Almeida University.


Clients, our main reason for being.

"To achieve great achievements, we must not only act but also dream; not just plan, but also believe."
-Anatole France

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