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Business Law

Business Law

Globalization and other socioeconomic changes have brought profound changes to corporate law, imposing on the business sector a new legal format of its activity, in line with current business legislation and market requirements.

The Mello Chaves Advogados Associados Office is fully qualified to provide differentiated legal and business advice, meeting a variety of demands, including:

  • Consultancy and legal assistance in corporate reorganizations (joint venture, mergers, spin-offs, mergers and acquisitions);
  • Tax Due Diligence with the identification of risks involved in the transactions involving the acquisition, merger and merger of companies;
  • Elaboration of opinions and corporate advice in general;
  • Guidance on procedures related to bankruptcy, judicial and extrajudicial recovery, litigation between partners, procedural strategy, among other procedures;
  • Practice with competition law, regulatory law, alternative dispute resolution (mediation and arbitration) and intellectual property;
  • Creation of companies at various corporate levels (Ltda, simple company, S / A etc), as well as associations, foundations, cooperatives and consortia; elaboration and revision of contractual and statutory changes, preparation of minutes, shareholders’ agreement, among other procedures;
  • Administrative and judicial assistance in processes of protection of corporate name, including in the recursal sphere; corporate litigation at the administrative level; advising on the obtaining of negative certificates related to the dissolution, liquidation, sharing, spin-off, merger, incorporation and transformation of companies, among other procedures;
  • Elaboration of opinions and business consulting in general;
  • Consultancy related to bankruptcy and recovery, litigation between partners, procedural strategy, among other procedures.

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